Why let with us

Jinks Aston Offers a range of services involved with property management:

At Jinks Aston, we recognise the importance of being able to let your property as soon as possible, minimising void periods.  We understand that an empty property equals expense and therefore strive to turn your property into an asset.

Over the years, we have invested in qualified staff and up to date systems meaning we are positioned at the forefront of the market to offer sound advice concerning all aspects of rental and management.  We feel this is paramount in such an increasingly complex legal and fragile economic environment.

Letting and Full Management

Firstly, you need to understand and meet your legal obligations to provide a safe and well maintained property. Secondly, you need to work in harmony with your tenant, being available to take their calls and manage the resulting administration or co-ordination of maintenance contractors.

It all takes time and effort, and can sometimes be a cause for conflict. Indeed, more and more tenants are now looking to live in properties which are managed by a letting agent as it allows a more professional service for both parties.

Our Full Management service includes rent collection, administration as well as assistance with more complex issues. We also have a 24-hour emergency helpline and easy access to specialist legal advice, should this be required.

We provide:

Regular inspections. We’ll conduct regular inspections of your property to ensure your tenant is fulfilling their obligations. The first takes place six weeks after the tenant moves in, then quarterly thereafter. We provide a report after each inspection, highlighting any issues or recommendations. If we have any concerns about the tenancy, we issue a warning and increase the frequency of the inspections until we are happy they are back on track.

Liaison between you and your tenant so any issues are resolved quickly and professionally.

Co-ordination of high quality and cost-effective maintenance work. As a landlord you have an obligation to provide a safe and well maintained property. We’ll help you do so by ensuring you’re aware of work that needs doing. We’ll also work with local contractors to co-ordinate the work on your behalf, if required. At Jinks Aston we always try to assess the situation ourselves and respond appropriately. For example, if a light bulb simply needs changing, we don’t rush in and call an electrician. We also work with a trusted network of local contractors and regularly review their prices to ensure all our costs are competitive.

Management of rent collection. Our computer systems allow us to spot rent arrears from day one. Strict in-house systems begin the process of contact with the tenant and warning letters leading up to, if necessary, notices for possession. inventory and checkout/dilapidation reports, plus follow-up dispute management.

Letting and Rent Collection

If you’re already an experienced landlord, with an in-depth understanding of your rights and responsibilities, as well as those of your tenants, and time to manage any prospective property and tenancy issues, our let only and rent collection services may be what you need.

Our rent collection service means you no longer have to track rental payments or worry you are following incorrect procedures if a tenant fails to pay.

We have thorough systems and processes in place to track and collect rent. All landlords who use our rent collection service are provided with a monthly statement, helping you keep track of your rental income and property expenses.

Should a tenant fail to pay, you can rest assured knowing the correct remedial procedures are being taken. Our proactive and professional approach means you’re in good hands.

Let Only

Our let only service is designed to reduce void periods and help landlords find good, reliable tenants.


  • Proactively market your property.
  • Credit check and reference your prospective tenants.
  • Provide the tenancy agreement and notices suitable to your tenancy type.
  • The tenant will check in at our office and then it’s over to you to manage the tenancy finances and property condition.

Of course, we’re here to support you if decide mid tenancy that you would prefer us to take over the collection of rent or property management for you. Just get in touch and speak to one of our experienced and friendly members of staff.

Jinks Aston have always strived to do things correctly and aim to provide a helpful, proactive and professional service at all times so you can be assured your property is in safe hands.