Tenants Guide to Letting

Jinks Aston not only works for landlords but tenants alike and strive to make the whole process of finding and renting a residential property in Cheshire straightforward and completely hassle free.

Guide For Tenants

When starting your search we recommend researching local information and deciding on your preferred area. Get a ‘feel’ for the area before booking any viewing appointments.

When searching on the internet set your search to the minimum number of bedrooms, your maximum price, a location radius and your furnishing type.

The rental market is fast moving so it’s important you sign up for email and text alerts when searching on the web. We would recommend you register with agents online and in person. Be honest and realistic about your requirements.

It is important to be realistic about how much rent you will be able to afford.

As a guide your annual income (before tax) must be at least 2.5 times the annual rent of the property you are applying for. For example: Rent at £500 per calendar month, Per year £6,000 (£500.00 X 12 Months, Minimum annual salary £15,000 (As per £6,000 X 2.5)

Before making any decision, we would always recommend viewing the property. At Jinks Aston we accompany all prospective tenants – this gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the property.

When viewing make a checklist regarding the property, this will help you make a decision:

  • How much is the rent?
  • Which date is the property available?
  • What furniture and goods are supplied?
  • Is there any allocated parking? Is there an extra charge?
  • What deposit is required?
  • What are the agency fees?
  • Applying for a property

Information you are likely to require to complete an application includes:

  • A recent utility bill or council tax bill.
  • A photographic style passport or driving licence.
  • Details of your current and previous addresses from the last five years.
  • Contact details from your previous or current landlord.
  • Contact details for your current employers and pay slips for the past three months.
  • Proof of residency may be required

Applications can take between 2 – 5 days to process.

If your application is successful we will set a date for you to attend our office to sign the tenancy agreement. All tenants/guarantors will need to attend the appointment or sign the agreement in advance. You will be asked to ensure you have ‘cleared funds’ meaning cash or a bankers draft (Banks charge a small fee for this).

Moving In

You will be provided with an inventory relating to the property you are renting. As a tenant we recommend you read this thoroughly and notify us as your agent of any discrepancies – A time limit of seven days is usually set for this.

When you sign for the property, you will receive a copy of the EPC and How to Rent Checklist brochure and also information of who to contact whether it is Jinks Aston or the Landlord (if the Manages the property themselves).

Please ensure that you have made arrangements to pay your rent on time to avoid any embarrassing calls chasing you for unpaid rent.

For any questions concerning your tenancy agreement, break clauses, payments or renewals, you should contact the office, who will be happy to assist.